5 Tips For Period Pain Relief

If you are a woman, you know how uncomfortable period pain can be during “that time of the month”.
Essentially, the uterus tightens when the blood supply is reduced, resulting in contractions similar to those experienced during childbirth. This can be extremely painful, to the point where women may have difficulty working, walking or standing.
To help with the pain, there are some safe and effective methods we will share with you today.
One home remedy involves the use of a heating pad or heat pack placed on the lower abdomen or back to reduce discomfort. According to the Mayo Clinic, “applying heat may be just as effective as over-the-counter pain medication for relieving menstrual cramps.”

How Does Heat Help Period Pain?

There has been some debate on this point. In 2001, Dr. Michael Zinger of the University of Cincinnati set out to determine whether heat causes increased blood flow to the uterus and thereby reduces period pain. He reported that his team “did find a significant decrease in the amount of pain the patients had” during a four-hour heat treatment session. However, the researchers were not able to confirm an increase in average blood flow to the uterus. Another possible reason for heat aiding with menstrual cramps is muscle relaxation. When it comes to other muscle soreness, a heating pad or warm pad increases tissue elasticity, provides comfort and allows tension to melt away. The same principle can be applied to the lower abdomen or back. Whatever the cause, medical professionals agree that using heat therapy is beneficial.

Did you know?

2 in 10 women are not able to manage their daily activities because the pain is so intense! It’s not just unbearable, it’s uncomfortable as well. If you are one of those women, a heating pad is the best solution for you.

Best Way To Apply Heat?

Since menstrual cramps and period pain can occur anytime, anywhere, you need a convenient, on-the-go method. Using an electrical heat pad gets the job done, but its electrical cord keeps you tethered to an outlet. A hot bath can provide some relief but certainly isn’t useful while you are at work. Arguably, the most convenient way to apply heat is with a disposable heating pad like Hotteeze Stick on Heat Pads.

Unlike other methods, a heating pad is not dependent on electricity or water; it allows you to continue with work or other daily activities while relieving your pain. Hotteeze heat pads have an adhesive backing, that you stick on to your clothes so that you can move freely. Simply apply the pad to your stomach or lower back, depending on where you are feeling the most discomfort.
The pad should never be applied directly to the skin but on the outside of the clothing, therefore tight fitted clothing is recommended to get the best transfer of heat to the affected area.

Why Hotteeze?

  • 12+ hours of soothing heat.
    Great for all-day pain relief from cramps or soothing sore muscles.
  • Keeps the heat exactly where you need it.
    Designed to stick to your clothing (not your skin!). Can be stuck to an inner layer of clothing over the desired area, keeping in the heat.
  • Discreet, thin & flexible.
    Can be worn comfortably without bulkiness. Unlike a hot water bottle or microwave bag.
  • Perfect for Winter.
    You can also put Hotteeze heat pads under your clothes to keep you warm during the colder months!

Backed By Research

University College London proved that heat treatments block the pain messages to the brain and deactivate the pain at a molecular level, so why not get one step closer to a pain-free period!

Menstrual cramps are no laughing matter.  The pain that a woman experiences during her cycle can interfere with her work, daily activities and ability to move. Using a heating pad can greatly reduce symptoms and make it easier to function. Even if heat may not actually increase blood flow to the uterus, it certainly is helpful in making you feel much better. Whether your menstrual cramps are severe or mild, heat therapy will make your muscles relax and feel more comfortable. So, the next time you feel like reaching for that over-the-counter pain medication, consider grabbing a heating pad first.

Other Methods

There are other methods to help relieve period pain which may not be as effective, however, we thought they might still be worth mentioning.

> Herbal Tea.

Certain types of tea may help to relieve period pain. While research on the link between herbal tea and menstrual cramps are scarce some women swear by it to help relieve some pain. Some recommended teas are Peppermint or Jasmine tea.

> Keep Stress Down.

We know, its easier said than done when your body is swimming in hormones. However, research has found that stress can make pain worse. Therefore, keeping stress down may help with pain. We recommend doing some light exercise such as a jog or Yoga.

> The Pill.

Some research shows that taking oestrogen based contraceptives can help with pain relief of period cramps. However, check with your doctor as these oral contraceptives may come with side effects such as spotting, nausea and a higher risk of blood clots.

> Pain Killers.

If all else fails you could turn to over the counter medication to help ease the pain. Painkillers such as Feminax, Paracetamol or ibuprofen should be mild enough for use with period pain.

If we missed any more ways to relieve period cramps, comment down below! We’d love to hear your ideas!