Protection Bundle RRP £60.67 ONLY £51.82 (15% OFF)

Protection Bundle RRP £60.67 ONLY £51.82 (15% OFF)

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Our protection bundle contains all the essential products to keep you protect during this time.

RRP £60.67

ONLY £51.82 (15% OFF) 

This bundle contains the following 

Non-woven 3 ply face mask

  • Non-latex ear loops for comfortable, hypoallergenic fit
  • Made of 3-Ply non-woven polypropylene
  • 95% filtration
  • Secure and comfortable fit

These face masks feature a 3-ply polypropylene construction. With latex-free elasticated loops, these masks provide a secure and comfortable fit suitable for everyday use. Although manufactured to a high quality these masks are not suitable for users requiring CE marked products for clinical use.

Yu Sum Tong Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser (75% Alcohol)

YU SUM TONG TEA TREE HAND SANITISER is a clinical antiseptic formula with added tea tree essential oil and glycerin ingredients, it is hydrating and non-irritating, and ready to bring your hands the most gentle protection. The formula is 75% alcohol by volume.


Is a dietary supplement is made with Propolis extract, Zinc and plant extracts. Both Vitamin C and Zinc help boost the immune system. The effervescent tablets, in single sachets, have a pleasant mandarin flavour and are naturally sweetened with Stevia.