ESI Propolaid Propolgola Throat Spray Honey 20ml

ESI Propolaid Propolgola Throat Spray Honey 20ml

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ESI Throat spray made with Propolis 

This dietary supplement contains Propolis, Hedge Mustard, Manuka Honey (500 MGO) and Manuka oil. The Hedge Mustard soothes the oropharyngeal mucosa which helps to improve voice tone and upper respiratory tract function. 

The Manuka oil also helps respiratory tract function, and in addition it thins bronchial secretions, which results in a soothing effect. Manuka honey comes from New Zealand and is produced by bees that pollinate Manuka flowers. Because this dense and flavourful honey comes from a particularly pure environment, it is also especially pure and rich in natural substances. The Maori have used Manuka Honey and its essential oils for centuries because of its beneficial properties.

How to use:

We recommend applying 4-5 sprays directly into the mouth several times throughout the day.

Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children under the age of three. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Excessive consumption could produce a laxative effect. To not take while pregnant. Supplements are not to be used as a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet and should be used in accordance with a healthy lifestyle and an appropriate amount of physical activity.

Ingredients by daily dose: Propolis (e.s. tit. 12%) 15 mg, Hedge Mustard 42.5 mg, Manuka Honey 25 mg,

Manuka oil 1 mg.

Free From:  Artificial Colours, Dairy Products, Gluten, GMO, Lactose & Preservatives.