ESI Aloe Fresh - Aloe Vera Gel Toothpaste Crystal Mint 100ml

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  • Freshens, cleans and protects

  • SLS free

  • Natural menthol flavour

  • Contains silica and Mint MICROCRYSTALS allowing better cleaning action


Gel toothpaste with natural origin, with extended-release action. It contains a unique combination of natural active ingredients. Recommended preventing caries, plaque and tartar. It strengthens weak gums, prevents and helps against bad breath. 

This toothpaste contains silica and mint MICROCRYSTALS allowing a better cleaning action. It isn’t aggressive for teeth enamel and gums.
Taste: glacial mint.

Without fluorine, preservatives, artificial colourants and saccharin. Xylitol has been used as sweetener, which helps against bacteria responsible for plaque and caries (which are facilitated by sugars). It does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, particularly aggressive cleaning and whitening substances damaging enamel and gums.

The product underwent tolerability tests, microbiologically tested.

About Aloe Fresh

All Aloe Fresh products are microbiologically tested and contain powerful active ingredients of Aloe Vera to combat the proliferation of the bacteria responsible for the formation of plaque, tooth decay and bad breath.

Product Type: Gel Toothpaste with Crystals.

Active ingredients: 
ALOE VERA – soothing action
SILICA – natural whitener
CAMOMILE – soothing action
HORSE CHESTNUT – anti-inflammatory action
ECHINACEA – a natural antiseptic
MINT and MENTHOL – deodorant, natural refresher
CARBOXYMETHYL CHITOSAN – buffering, extended release action

Microcrystals are small spheres of silica and mint allowing a better cleaning action of the toothpaste, without piercing the enamel.

In normal toothpaste, there’s a percentage of water, which doesn’t have any function for the health of your mouth. In Aloe Fresh, this percentage of water is replaced by Aloe Vera juice, combined with a powerful blend of natural active ingredients carefully selected to create an extraordinary toothpaste.

With pure Aloe Vera juice (coming from plants grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers) and a unique combination of natural active ingredients. They do not include Fluorine, Parabens, SLS and SLES, Saccharin, Preservatives, Artificial colourants.