Men's Immunity Bundle RRP £55.47 ONLY £47.14

Men's Immunity Bundle RRP £55.47 ONLY £47.14

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Our Men's immunity bundle contains all the essential nutrients to keep your immune health in good shape.

RRP £55.47 

ONLY £47.14 (15% OFF) 

This bundle contains the following 

LyfeRoots Men's Multi 

A unique formula for Men. This Mind Body Nutrition enhanced formula with 17 essential vitamins and minerals, and botanicals to support the daily needs of life, energy, immunity and more. With 10 added plant based botanicals such as ginger, saw palmetto, lycopene and others for overall health support. 

Key Benefits

  • Vitamin A, C and D for immune health
  • Selenium for healthy reproductive health 
  • Zinc for fertility and healthy testosterone
  • Biotin for energy-yielding benefit

Probio7 Vegan 

A capsule form is a nutritional supplement, which is convenient and easy to use, wherever you are, at home, at work or on the move. Each capsule provides you with 4 billion friendly bacteria (made up from 7 different types, all known to help maintain intestinal health) together with 2 types of fibres (soy and fruto-oligo-saccharide), which support the action of the bacteria.

  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegans

  • Maintains intestinal hygiene and balance.

  • Preserves friendly bacteria level.

  • Supports good digestion and intestinal function.

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.

ESI Propol Vitamin C (1000 mg per tablet)

Is a dietary supplement is made with Propolis extract, Zinc and plant extracts. Both Vitamin C and Zinc help boost the immune system. The effervescent tablets, in single sachets, have a pleasant mandarin flavour and are naturally sweetened with Stevia.